If Ocarina of Time was a Children’s Book

It’s an art project from Vikki Chu who was tasked with reinterpreting something as a children’s story. She chose the Ocarina of Time, which I think we can all agree is a pretty great decision.

She works her way through the plot of the game in ten images, the rest of which you can see above, and any you can blow up to pretty much wallpaper size. Good work Vikki, and keep making video game art!

This is so cute


Volvagia Tattoo Commission by *Sage-of-Winds

I haven’t been neglecting fuckyeahzeldabosses!

…or maybe I have. I’m sorry, I haven’t been very motivated to dig up art for you all. I really need to set a queue but I’ve never used one before and I’d probably cock it up somehow.

Not to mention that I’ve probably posted all the good art already.